MoneyZoo Affiliate Program

Money Zoo offers affiliates an attractive 3 tier recurring affiliate program on membership subscriptions and a single level on course purchases. You may choose to be paid in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash or simply through Paypal. Our program for membership subscriptions pays up to 40% over 3 levels for fully paid members. You will earn commissions for the lifetime of your referral as long as he/she is fully paid up. Meaning, that if the person you refer to Money Zoo is a paid member for the next 10 years, then you will get paid commissions on that referral for the next 10 years!

For our courses, you will earn up to 30% commission on each course sold by your direct referrals.

Bonuses paid for membership fee as follows.

  • Level 1 (Direct referrals) – 20% bonus on paid up membership.
  • Level 2 (your referrals referrals) – 15% bonus on paid up membership.
  • Level 3 (your 2nd level referrals referrals) – 5% bonus on paid up membership.

Bonuses paid for course purchases and other services.

Up to 30% of the cart value excluding taxes and shipping costs paid on your direct referral only. There are no multi level bonuses.

How much you can earn.

It really is up to you but to give you an overview of potential earnings, here is an example. At the current rate of membership ($47.40 per year) and assuming you introduce 10 direct referrals at an un-discounted membership rate:

  • Level 1: $98.89 x 10 referrals = $989.90 x 20%= $197.78

Assuming each of your 10 direct referrals introduce another 10 people each to Money Zoo, then:

  • Level 2: 10 referrals x 10 referrals = 100 referrals x $98.89 = $9,889 x 15% = $1483.35

Assuming each of your 2nd level referrals introduce another 10 people each to Money Zoo, then:

  • Level 3: 100 referrals x 10 referrals = 1000 referrals x $98.89 = $98,890 x 5% = $4,944.50

You could earn up to $6,625.63 per year for introducing just 10 paying members to Money Zoo. Furthermore, depending on which course these members may attend, you will receive up to another 30%. This could be in the tens of thousands of dollars worth of commissions.

How we will pay you

Payments are made monthly in Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Dash or Paypal. The choice is yours.

How much does it cost?

To become an affiliate of Money Zoo you must first become a Free or Premium Member of Money Zoo. There is no fee to be an affiliate. Click here to start.